All our diesel turbochargers are designed and engineered in Australia using the highest quality materials in the diesel engine industry.

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The manufacture of a precision high speed (over 150,000 RPM in some cases) mechanical component such as a Turbocharger, requires the highest level of Material and Manufacturing specification, augmented by the strictest regime of Testing and Quality verification.



Cateran’s diesel Turbochargers are manufactured from the highest quality materials used in the Diesel engine Industry, including;

  • Inco713C turbine wheels,
  • Heat treated SiMo turbine housings,
  • M2 piston ring seals, premium grade bronze bearings.
  • No element of material specification is ignored and in many cases is superior to the OEM usage in the same application.




All components are cleaned prior to assembly using specialist high end cleaning equipment.
All Cateran diesel Turbochargers are assembled in complete clean room conditions.



All Cateran’s diesel turbocharger components are machined on high quality CNC machines.


Testing VSR Balancer


Following assembly, all Cateran diesel Turbochargers are balanced on a High- Speed VSR Balancer at over 150, 000 RPM, to a specification which is HALF the limit applied by the OEM’s during original manufacture.


All Cateran diesel Turbochargers, equipped with VNT (variable nozzle turbine) boost control, whether pneumatically or electronically controlled, are calibrated to OEM standards on a specifically designed and constructed flow test rig.



All of the above processes are controlled by a QA department operating to the high standards currently employed in the Automotive Industry, OEM or Aftermarket, world-wide.

Cateran's premium diesel Turbochargers are built to the highest possible standards of testing and verification, making them undoubtedly The Installer's First Choice.


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